Lightning Page

This is my start on a lightning page. My goal is to get a Boltek Lightning Detector or some other brand of lightning detector to feed my website. I will continue to add to this site as I discover new resources. Lightning is a good precursor to how strong a storm is.

One of my best memories about watching an electrical storm was back in 1998 when we lived in Edmond, Oklahoma. One night my wife and I sat on the patio and ate a late supper. A very large electrical storm formed well to our north and ended up covering the sky from horizon to horizon with cloud to cloud lightning. We sat out there for over three hours, mesmerized by the beauty and power of this storm. After over three hours of watching the storm, we decided to go into the house around 1:00 a.m. because it appeared to getting dangerously close. We went in the house and I turned the Weather Channel on and the storm was just starting to cross the Kansas/Oklahoma border. It was still over 90 miles away.

On the afternoon of June 5, 2012, we sat out front and watched Venus transit the face of the Sun. After the Sun set we started watering the flower beds and as it got dark we started seeing an electrical storm to our south. It was another large light show and we watched, hoping that we might get some rain. But we sat and watched another beautiful and awesome light show. So here is the start of my lightning page:

NAPLN Lightning Map

Lightning Map

Courtsey of USPLN

Blizortung SE US Lightning Map


Blizortung Lightning Map


Intellicast Lightning Map


WeatherBug Lightning Map


Weather Channel Lightning Map