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***Notice*** I request a SASE for all WAS/VUCC card requests! I receive a lotof cards every day. DX cards are ok direct with a SASE, via the bureau, or I am 100% on LOTW!

I have been a ham most of my life and I am a Life Member of the ARRL. I moved to Jones County from Edmond, Oklahoma in November 1999. I moved to my current QTH just outside Ellisville, MS in April 2007. I started over on my DXCC and other awards after getting back on the air in January of 2000. I now have 319 current countries confirmed, 322 total countries confirmed, and 1,602 DXCC Challenge countries and I have my 5-Band DXCC. I have DXCC on 80 through 10 meters and I am mainly working on 160 and 6 meters now. I have my WAS and my VUCC. I live in the Northwest corner of Grid Square EM51jo.

Hope to work you on the bands! Good DX!

Amateur Headlines

The station consists of the following equipment:
  • Radios: Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark-V, Icom IC-9100, Icom 756 Pro III, Icom 706 MKIIG
  • Amplifiers: Ameritron AL-1500, Ameritron AL-811H, Alpha 76A, Converted Heathkit SB-200 for 6 meters
  • Antennas: Force 12 Xr; Tennadyne T8 ; Inverted-V's; Double-L; K4KIO Hexbeam
  • Rotator: Hy-Gain Tailtwister, Yaesu G-450A
  • Tuner: MFJ-998 Auto Tuner, Ameritron ATR-30
  • Remote Coax Switch: Ameritron RCS-10L
  • Headset: Heil Pro-Set Plus
  • Microphone: Yaesu MD-200A8X
  • Computer: i5-3450 processor 3.10 GHz, 8 GB Memory, 1 TB Disk
  • Operating System: Windows 10 64-Bit Professional
  • Logging Software: DX4WIN
  • Contesting Software: N1MM, WriteLog, N1MM
  • Computer Interface: RigBlaster Pro, SignaLink USB Interface, microHAM USB Interface III
  • CW Interface: K1EL WinKeyer
  • CW Paddles: Vibroplex Iambic Deluxe
  • VHF Radios: Icom IC-9100, Yaesu FT-625RD (6 Meters); Yaesu FT-1500M, Kenwood TM-G707
  • Power Supply: Astron RS-35A

Here are links to my DXCC, WAZ, WAS, and VUCC total:
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Click here for my WAZ Totals
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Click here for my VUCC Totals