My Ham Radio Station Page

Like many hams, I have acquired equipment over the years. I am not one of the hams that buys or trades for every new rig that comes out. I usually buy a rig that is proven and is in the midpoint of its offering by the manufacturer or find a good, clean, used rig. I have only bought four main operating rigs in the last 35 years and currently sport a fleet of three HF Rigs. I have had my Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark-V for over ten years now. My little Icom IC-706 MKIIG was purchased in 1999 to take on personal DXpeditions, in this case, to Malawi as 7Q7PA. In 2011 I bought the estate of a DXer and put an Icom IC-756 Pro III into the lineup with the other rigs. I just purchased an Icom IC-9100 at the 2017 Capital City Hamfest in Jackson, MS in Jauary. I am mainly a Contester and DXer. Some of the newer high-end rigs might be better and have more features than my current fleet, but I am legally deaf and I do not know that I would notice that much of a difference. I enjoy CW and RTTY contesting, but I will jump in there on any of them. Listed below is a partial listing of my station equipment. I hope to hear you on the bands!

Since Hurricane Katrina, I have basically been off the air and have made very few contacts. We have a farm in Southwest Mississippi that is about 120 miles from our home in Ellisville. In August of 2013 I set up a temporary Cushcraft R-6000 Vertical, a 160 Meter Carolina Windom, and an Icom IC-756 Pro III. At first the vertical was only about 3 feet off of the ground in a gulley in the back yard. Recently I moved it to the top of a 30 foot push-up pole. My next step is to get 220 volt wiring so I can run my amps over there. Contesting with 100 watts into a vertical is not what I consider fun! In the not too distant future, I will erect a K4KIO Hexagonal Beam at the home QTH and figure out how to put up some dipoles where there are not trees or other support structures. I have 90+ feet of Rohn Tower and a Hy-Gain 53 foot crank-up tower that I am going to erect at the farm. Then I will be able to do some serious Contesting and DXing!

My Ham Radio Station consists of the following equipment: