World-Wide Volcanoes Page

The map above shows the active volcanoes across the globe. You can click on a volcano and see if it is actively erupting or not. You can click on the "enlarge" text on the upper-right corner of the map and it will take you to another page with a much larger map. You can also click the + or - buttons on the screen to enlarge or shrink the map on this page.
The VolcanoWidget is a free iframe-based web application that displays current volcano activity updates worldwide on google maps. The information displayed is being collected by the team of VolcanoDiscovery and its contributors. The color codes of each volcano are our subjective interpretation of activity status (unrest, alert, erupting, major eruption) and have no official significance, although we try to keep them in agreement with various existing official color and alert codes. Recently updated volcanoes are represented with an animated triangle.