K4KIO Hexagonal Beam Antenna

Hexagonal Beam

K4KIO Hexagonal Beam Antenna Specifications:

DX Engineering
KIO Technology
Plug & Play or Kit  (See note)
Plug & Play
Plug & Play
Six meter band available to add?
Multiple band combinations available?
Limited choice
No hassle, no questions asked return policy
30 days
30 days

Note: The DX Engineering HEXXAGONAL beam is a kit. There are over 200 parts in the kit that must each be handled according to a 36 page assembly manual for the beam to be completed. For example, the support cords must be cut, measured and knotted. The wire spacers also must be measured and cut and fitted with fixtures. The fiberglass spreader arms must be measured, marked and fixtures attached. The hub must be carefully assembled with six adjustment screws for proper alignment. See details of all this work in the DX Engineering manual that can be downloaded from their site.

The Plug and Play beams are fully assembled beams broken into modules for shipping but can be re-assembled in a short evening or less. You can see the difference in the size of the assembly manuals. The KIO manual is 7 pages and the Traffie manual is 10 pages. The DX engineering manual is 36 pages. Download the KIO assembly manual.

* DX Engineering offers a single band kit for 20 meters. Several of these can be adapted by the customer for other bands by measuring, cutting the wires and re- soldering terminal lugs.

Here is what has already been done when you receive your K5KIO Hexagonal Beam:

Measured, cut, marked for clamps
Clamps and Wire Guides measured, installed

Support Cords:
Measured, cut, fixtures attached and bagged

Wires and Insulated Cords:
Wires measured, cut, lugs crimped and soldered
Insulated Cords measured, cut, fixtures attached, heat shrink installed
Both connected, coiled and bagged for each band

Center Post:
Post marked, cut, drilled
Core marked, cut, drilled
Terminals installed
Cap drilled, anchor installed, cap installed

Base Plate:
Flanges installed, U-Bolts installed

Here is all you have to do when you receive the K4KIO Hexagonal Beam